Manchmal Sind Worte Nicht Gut Genug

To be honest, I really don’t know where to start, so I think the beginning is a good place. I’ve been here in Westermoor for going on 2 weeks and all I can say is that it’s truly the best here. The people, the village, Itzehoe, saying ‘moin’, and the close-knit feeling you get when you live somewhere like this; it’s great.

Despite the fact that I don’t understand just about everything in school, I love class! Having my first week under my belt was the biggest task I wanted to conquer, and now that it’s done, it’s (near) smooth sailing from here. The people in the school are great and I can already tell that this is going to be an amazing year with the people I’ve met and started to become friends with, and for that, I say thank you to the big guy up there. The school and classes itself are pretty intense. Having 12 classes scattered 2 or 3 times out in one week, I’m always busy with school work, and I’m even busier trying to understand what we’re talking about in English as well as in German. It’s indeed a challenge, but the class setup and teaching style tradeoff is worth it. School here is so much more independent, and by that I mean that there’s really not a lot of busy work for homework, rather there’s a class discussion over something or you’re just responsible for researching or writing something on your own. German schools really have the whole philosophy of teaching students to teach themselves down really well, and that’s one thing I hope American schools learn to grasp. Material wise, classes are pretty rough, but I’m handling it really well. Right now all I am focusing on is getting the language down, but I feel like it’s safe to say my German is coming along swimmingly.

To be honest, I could really go on for a while about how great it is here, but what’s the point in having a 20 page blog post? All I can say for now is that I’m in an amazing place, with amazing people, and having the most amazing time of my life.


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