Well, it’s official:

These are my two new best friends for the upcoming year. We’ll be going a lot of different places together, moving together, flying together, riding together, sleeping together, and doing just about anything else you could think of together. These were a gift from my amazing Aunt Dawn! She also got me another brand new toy:

My list of things I need before I leave grows smaller and smaller everyday, and with only 16 days left here, the number of hours I can’t sleep grows bigger and bigger. Having to say all these goodbyes is really killing me. All I know is the goodbye party is going to be exciting since I’ll be getting around 30 goodbyes out of the way in one sit-down, and with all the different social circles I’ll have there, it’s going to be an interesting experience, too. Off to Grandpa’s farm after this weekend, so I think I’ll be bored enough to blog then, too.


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