The Countdown

Ohhhh, boy. When at first it couldn’t come quick enough, now it’s coming almost too fast. Working at Steak ‘n Shake is really preparing me for the culture shock getting ready to come in Germany. A restaurant and its workers really becomes so much more of a family than a staff. I’m beginning to get to know all of these great people I didn’t know existed because I had never seen the working side of my own community. I ENJOY going to work because I love the crazy, low-laying, domestic living people that just put all of their eggs in one basket and stay there for their entire life. It’s great. Besiiddesss thaaaatttt……Other news! Let’s seeee:

  • Got my permanent host family
  • Got my temporary host family
  • Got my flight info
  • Started to say goodbye to everyone

I love everything about my host families. My temporary family lives right in Berlin, so I’ll be living in the capitol of Germany for a whole MONTH. Just living and getting around Berlin…….Wow. It will be MIND-BLOWING. I can already tell. After that quest, I will be going home to the area of Itzehoe, Germany to live with my host family. My school is beautiful! It’s going to be….I can’t even describe it! The best!


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