All the Small Things

You know, it’s times like these when you start to realize what’s about to happen; about how everything is about to change. I’m not sure if it was when I was officially handed my legitimate clip-on bow tie for my Steak’n Shake uniform or when I was precariously eating an apple when I realized, “I’m never going to see this apple as the same thing after all of this!” I’ll never see it as a simple fruit anymore, but a memory of what it was like before and then after. This is all just coming so fast, I can just feel the rapid wave of change that is about to come juuuuust on the horizon, but not striking yet. It’s begrudging in a way, but only because it’s such a mystery of what’s yet to come! I don’t know…. It’s just one of those days where you think about a lot of stuff. Thought I’d blog about it.

EDIT January 7th, 2014: Why yes, apples did experience a metaphysical evolution while abroad. Case and point. 


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