So, today was the orientation for all of the foreign exchange students getting ready to leave America and all of the students getting ready to go back to their home country.  I got there with meek expectations thinking that there would be maybe 3 or 4 kids there, but it was packed!! So many kids from Germany, Sweden, France, Denmark, Japan, and so many other countries!! I met some really great people there in terms of the other Americans. I met a girl who I did debate with that I had never met and I was surprised at how many kids we both knew, and also another girl who was really shy but was definitely hiding something; I’m excited to get to know them more as we get closer and closer to spending the next months together in Germany 🙂  Now, being someone who’s never been out of the United States, my head was beaming with questions that I slowly unleashed onto the kids getting ready to go back to their home, so I wasn’t sure how well they would handle my excitement being thrusted upon them. To my great surprise, they were FANTASTIC. It’s so nice to get to know the people that have experienced exactly what you are feeling before departure and it’s even better seeing how mature, independent, and confident they are when seeing them as a finished product of foreign exchange. I got their names and email addresses, so I already have 4 contacts in Germany scattered throughout the country when the time allows for me to get a hold of them. This orientation really (for the first time) made me realize how real this all is and how I am ACTUALLY leaving America to go to a foreign country for a whole YEAR. It’s surreal. It’s amazing. It’s my dream. It’s happening.


2 thoughts on “Orientation!

  1. Wow! It’s amazing what you can experience when you are willing to put yourself outside of your comfort zone!! I mean did you ever think you would meet a girl that you had never met? So inspirational!! Keep it coming man.

    • Sorry about the delayed reply!

      It truly is a surreal experience in every way. Now being here in Germany, there’s no such thing as a comfort zone anymore, and that just leaves you with endless possibilities of experiences! I would NEVER have thought that I would meet the people that I have, but I send my thanks to whoever is in charge for everything. Thanks! Will do, and thanks for the comment!

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